Fibenol and BioMAK invites you to find new high value applications for valorizing our cellulosic sugars, lignin and specialty cellulose for food or feed production.
With the growing world population and higher demand for food and feed, we need to find alternative sources as feedstock.



About Fibenol

Fibenol is a biotech innovator driving the chemicals and materials industry towards sustainability, by offering solutions to replace fossils with low-carbon biomaterials Lignova lignin, wood sugars and specialty cellulose. Examples of the applications of our solutions are construction materials for interior, buildings and roads, packaging, bioplastics, home care, cosmetics and alternative proteins. Fibenol annual production capacity is 6,5 kton lignin, 20 kton of cellulosic sugars and specialty cellulose at ton scale.

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Fibenol produces high quality bioproducts from woody biomass. The portfolio includes natural and low carbon footprint lignin LIGNOVA, cellulosic sugars, and specialty celluloses. Cellulosic sugars, lignin & specialty cellulose could offer possibilities in feed & food sectors. Lignin has natural antioxidant behavior, which can add a benefit to the overall quality of food products. In addition, it could serve as a fiber component in food.

Harnessing the power of lignocellulosics opens doors to a sustainable biotech era. 

Animal feed

From groundbreaking advancements in biochemical production to creating nutrient-rich animal feed, these materials pave the way for a greener future.
Fibenol´s cellulosic sugars are highly fermentable making it perfect feedstock for ethanol or alternative protein production. Wood molasses are also listed as approved feed material.

Novel food

Get ready for a taste bud revolution as innovative food production techniques. Turn cellulosic sugars into the building blocks of tomorrow's delicious and nutritious novel foods!


As a solution provider:

As a mentor:

Who can participate in the Hackathon?

Hackathon is open for all interested teams: large companies, SMEs, research institutes, research groups, student groups, start-ups, and other actors. Your team can also consist of collaboration between several organizations.
Hackathon is international and working language is English.

Evaluation criteria

- Economic viability of the proposed solution
- Sustainability/Environmental impact potential (maybe connecting to specific SDGs)
- Innovativeness / Novelty
- Technological feasibility
- Capacity of the team to establish co-operation with Fibenol


What do I get as a finalist?

Depending on the maturity of the idea Fibenol offers Hackathon participants either the opportunity for business cooperation, or the opportunity to start or develop a joint project or pilot for testing the presented idea, including our biomaterials to pilot the idea.

Want to get more information:

Fibenol Hackathon will be organized by the Centre of Bioeconomy Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Katrin Kepp,, +372 56 157 938

Lili Veesaar,

Kerli Liiv,

Launch webinar program 

Short introduction to the launch webinar, Katrin Kepp, Head of the Centre of Bioeconomy in Estonian University of Life Sciences;

Welcome words, Moderator of the launch webinar - Katrin Jõgi, Sustainability manager at Fibenol, Estonia;

The BioBoosters concept, Anna Aalto, Jyväskylä University of Applied Science, Finland;

Presentation of the Challenge for Fibenol Hackathon, Karl Peebo, Product Manager at Fibenol, Estonia;

ÄIO, Petri-Jaan Lahtvee, Co-founder of ÄIO, Professor in Food Tech and Bioengineering, Taltech, Estonia;

Additional presenter (TBC);

FUNKI, Sirli Rosenvald, CEO & Co-founder at Funki, Estonia;


Closing remarks and opening the hackathon call

Launch seminar video